Designing Your Lampshade



Available Lampshade Shapes

We offer a variety of lampshade shapes complementing both traditional and contemporary styles. If what you are looking for isn't displayed within the shapes shown to the right, then we have access to craftsmen who will create the shape and size you need.


*Note: Embossed and Reverse Painted lampshades are made in round and oval shapes only.


How To Measure Your Shade

You can determine the size of the lampshade by measuring the top, bottom and side lengths as indicated in the diagram below. Shades of Excellence can accommodate any size in a round shaped lampshade. We have a large selection of over 200 sizes and if we don't have your specific size then we can make it.

The size is determined by measuring the:

  1. (a) Top diameter

  2. (b) Bottom diameter 

  3. (c) Length from top to bottom along the side
         of the lampshade


Selecting a Fixture

There are a variety of fixtures (the top wire of your lampshade) available to you which depends on the lamp base hardware. Below are the options you can select from.

  • Washer Top - sets on a harp and fastened with a finial

  • Clip top - clips over a light bulb         

  • Uno Bridge with 1/2” drop or 1 1/2” drop - it screws right to the socket that the light bulb screws into

  • Chimney top - slips down over a glass hurricane chimney

Powder Coating

You have an option of further customizing your lampshade by having either the top fixture or the entire lampshade frame powder coated.


Powder coating is a process that electrostactically applies a resin powder and pigment to the metal surface which is then placed in a curing oven.


The pigment comes in different colors allowing you to match your lampshade with most finishes of lamp fixtures. Examples of colors are brushed nickel, black and white.






Lampshade Shapes

Round and Oval

Also available in Bell-shaped

Hexagon and Hexagon Bell



Square, Square Bell, Cut-Corner Square and Cut-Corner Square Bell


Rectangle, Cut-corner  Rectangle and Cut-Corner Rectangular Bell




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