Embossed and Reverse Painted Lampshades


The Creation Process

Embossing and reverse painting are time-honored techniques I have combined to transform elements of nature into one-of-a-kind functional art. 

I begin each design by carving a natural image into vinyl tiles. Once a lampshade form is cut, the lampshade paper is then pressed into the hollowed area permanently capturing the design.

Using watercolors, I hand-paint each embossed design on the reverse side of the lampshade adding color and depth.  Once the light, natural or otherwise, shines through, the image is brought to life and can be enjoyed in every season. 

Next, using a transparent paper I line the inside of the lampshade to protect the design and complete the creation process by assembling the lampshade.  To frame nature’s art trim is added to the lampshade’s top and bottom edge and as a final touch, I proudly add my initials.

Lampshade Designs
You can experience the full effect of each Embossed and Reverse Painted lampshade design by placing your mouse over the lampshade image and enjoy a little gift of nature as it comes to life.


Custom Designs
I welcome your inspirations for creating a unique design. Together we can use your custom idea to design the perfect lampshade for your home or business. Below you will find a  list of customer's individual ideas.

  • A moose design to adorn a lamp base hand-crafted from a moose leg – unique!
  • A child’s name
  • A specific flower from a special occasion
  • Geese returning to the spring season
  • A family cabin


  Cat n Nine Tails
   Jack in the Pulpit
   Rainbow Trout
    Full Fern
    Oriental Poppy
    Perched Heron
  Pine Cone
    Lily of the Valley
    Summer Pea Vine




 Wheat Bundle



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