Hand-Sewn Fabric Lampshades



Based on many requests Shades of Excellence expanded it's creative expertise in 2000 and began offering hand-sewn lampshades, commonly referred to as soft-sided lampshades.


The following information describes what to expect throughout the process of creating your very special lampshade.


The Customer Experience

Deciding on a Shape and Size

Shades of Excellence offers a variety of lampshade frames in several shapes and sizes. If you aren't sure of what is appropriate for your particular lamp base, I have had many successes in determining the appropriate lampshade shape and size when a photo, measurements and a description of a lamp base is provided.


I also have access to the industry's experts who will make custom lampshade frames so you don't have to settle for less than what you envision your custom lampshade to be.


Selecting Your Fabric

You have the option of selecting your own fabric or I offer a variety of silks, linens and cotton fabrics. Fabric samples will be provided upon request. Together we will design your lampshade including every detail even before any sewing begins.


Lining Your Lampshade

Unless otherwise requested, each lampshade is lined using a silk fabric. Lining your lampshade adds a sophistication to the overall appearance and in addition, it offers protection to the outside fabric.  


If you find that the outside fabric doesn't have to be replaced and the lining has deteriorated, Shades of Excellence can remove the old lining, sew a new lining,  and reattach the trim. Your lampshade will look brand new!


Trimming Your Lampshade

As they say, the sky is the limit. And this is especially true when it comes to trimming your lampshade whether it be style, color or size. Depicted in the photos to the right you will see a hand-knotted trim replacing the original trim and a scalloped rouching draped around just at the top of the lampshade.


Each lampshade includes a hand-made trim created from the same fabric you covered your lampshade frame with. This is placed at the top and bottom edge and sometimes vertically to cover the ribs of your lampshade. This trim is attached before any additional embellishment is added. As you can see in the last photo, a single band of trim, while simplistic, only enhances the elegance of the lampshade itself.

Hand-Sewn Fabric Lampshades

Using a Variety of  Decorative Techniques


Round Bell Lampshade

Ivory Silk Crepe de Chine

Hand-knotted Trim 

Silk Lined



Round Bell Lampshade

Natural White Crepe de Chine

Rouching Trim

Mauve Braided Trim

Silk Lined





Oval Bell Lampshade

Charmeuse Silk

 Gold Braided Trim

 Silk Lined

Custom Made Lampshade Frame





Oval Lampshade


Hand-Painted Silk by Betty Lathrop


Double Layer of Hand-Crafted Trim


Silk Lined


Lamp Base by Lorraine Dilmore


Cut-Corner Square Lampshade


Gold Dupioni Silk


Silk Lined



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